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Best materials to build your closet

Thinking about a closet renovation? Let's be honest, when your closet is organized, clean and built just the way you like it, you just feel your life is in order! The problem is, we sometimes think about it and we actually don't know what are the ideal materials do this kind of remodeling work by ourselves (that's why it is always recommended to look for a professional). However, we're bringing you this -small, but really helpful- list. According to All About Closets, these are the top 3 material options to build your closet:

  • Wire Closets (Most Budget-Friendly)

First on the list is the Wire Closets option, which is the least expensive and most lightweight. The materials are widely available and easiest to install, even for the beginner DIYers. Most homes come with this option commonly found in kitchen pantries, walk-in closets, and kid's closets.

Although there are many benefits for this option, they do come with some limitations. Wire closets are very difficult to customize and are not built for heavy loads, as overloading the wired shelves may result in unsightly holes in the wall as they fall. Despite the lower aesthetics and design aspect, this is still a great option if you're on a tight budget.

  • Wood Closets

Depending on the type of wood you use, your closet may have more durability and thus, allow it to bear a heavy load. If you're a DIY enthusiast, the sky is the limit in terms of how you can customize your closet.

However, building your own closets require an advanced skillset. Millimeters can make a huge difference when it comes to making sure your drawers & cabinets fit properly, and wood requires a finish which requires more time and resources. Mistakes can be costly and time consuming, and depending on your workflow in your closet, garage or pantry, you may experience warping, staining and peeling through normal use.

  • Melamine Closets

A newer technology that takes all the benefits of wood and removes its limitations is melamine over MDF. Using melamine for your custom closet is very easy to maintain without worrying about staining, peeling or cracking. When combined with the load bearing MDF material, warping is no longer an issue, making this option the most popular. MDF is easily customizable; the wood can be cut to any dimension or shape, and melamine comes in countless finishes to choose from.

To ensure your custom closet is built correctly the first time to perfection, getting professional help is highly recommended. It's important to know that there is much more that goes into a custom closet design other than cutting wood and choosing a finish. To build the optimum closet, you need to consider your workflow, items that you have and may have later, and design elements to suit your decor.

A great place to start is identifying and organizing your current closet & laundry items. After all, the type of closet material you choose won't solve the clutter and mess.


Depending on what you wish to accomplish, these are all really great options. Of course, our favorite options are always melamine and even wood. When it comes to melamine, not only is it eco-friendly, but it is very resistant and easy to clean. And if we're talking about aesthetics, it is also such an ideal material.

If you're having trouble finding the right measuremets or even finding the melamine per se, you can always contact us so we can take your exact measurements, help you find the material of your choice, have an estimate ready for you and make the installation. Closets are essential when it comes to organization, so let's do this the right way!

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