IN and OUT! Trends for this fall.

Hello, everyone! Our blog is back and this time we're bringing you the trends you're gonna be seeing this fall (which -as crazy as it sounds- is right around the corner), and of course, the trends that are already out. For -almost- everyone, keeping the house updated with the latest decor details is extremely important. In our opinion, it doesn't matter if your classic or modern, you always have to choose the style that represents you. "Remember to choose what you love, regardless of what might be in style" Country Living says. Here are the trends they predict will be IN and OUT for fall and winter 2017:

  • OUT: All White Interiors

Craving more color? You're in luck! Interiors are moving away from all white and gray. Instead, people are embracing warm, rich shades of brown, black, green, and blush.

  • OUT: Marble

Of course, we're not suggesting you rip out your marble countertops. Those are timeless. And a few marble touches here and there can be perfectly lovely. But the recent trend of all marble everywhere is a bit tired. Instead, opt for earthier materials, like wood, clay, and metal with worn finishes.

  • OUT: Copper Home Accessories

Like marble, rose gold and copper seem to have run their course. Don't panic: your real copper fixtures will always be in style. It's the overly shiny, obviously fake home accents that have flooded the market in recent years that are beginning to look dated. Instead, the trend is now moving toward classic aged brass.

  • OUT: Generic Furniture

The number one trend designer Annie Selke is sick of? Bland furniture sets. Instead of buying the whole set, people are now mixing and matching for a one-of-a-kind look. And they're moving away from modern, too. "While I like modern pieces, I'm just about over the mid-century modern theme", says Home Depot's Director of Trend and Design Sarah Fishburne. "It's been all over the place for a while now".

  • OUT: Boring Bedding

This season, switch things up in the bedroom. At least, when it comes to your bedding. "We spend about one-third of our life in bed, so why not have interesting bedding?" Interior designer Andrew Howard tells "The days of a white coverlet, white shams, and a duvet on every bed are changing."

  • IN: Dark Green

The leaves outside may be changing, but inside, things are going green -- specially kitchen cabinets. Combined with rich natural wood and leather and accented with brass and cream, the cozy color is a perfect fit for fall and winter.

  • IN: Relaxing Retreats

Feeling overwhelmed with your digital devices? This trend is for you. People on Pinterest are carving out cozy, more intimate areas in their homes to serve as tech-free sanctuaries. An obvious place to unplug? The bedroom. Surround your sleeping space with canopies or lace curtains hung from faux wooden beam. (...) Pull a comfy chair into a corner for an instant reading nook, or hang a hammock inside and layer with soft blankets.

  • IN: Velvet

What could be more soothing than velvet? The fabric feels luxurious and welcoming for fall and winter, and when combined with rough natural textures (think reclaimed wood and woven baskets) and smooth metals and ceramics, it adds visual interest and tactile coziness to a room, contributing editor and stylist Heather Bullard tells Don't have the budget to spring for an upholstered chair? Add velvet pillows or a velvet throw instead.

  • IN: Woven Texture

Don't underestimate the depth woven textiles and accents bring to a room -- especially during cold-weather months. Hang baskets for a focal point on the wall, put plants in wicker stands, or swap out your light fixture for a basket pendant light. Again, off-set the rough texture with soft velvet or hand-knit wool throws and smooth metal side tables, mirrors, and ceramic accents, says Bullard.

  • IN: Blush

So long, millennial pink! Blush is back and better than ever. Decor inspired by Benjamin Moore's "Tissue Pink" paint was all over High Point Market this year. "I'm loving anything and everything in the color blush pink", Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert, tells "From vintage glassware, to velvet pillows, to painted planters, everything looks great in blush."

  • IN: Faux Finishes

Due for an update but don't have the funds? You don't have to spend a fortune to make some improvements. Increased availability of faux finishes, from removable wallpaper and floor decals to stick-on subway tiles, to the faux florals and wooden beams, have made it easier and cheaper than ever to make quick home improvements.

  • IN: Brass

Brass is the new copper, especially when incorporated into furniture in an overt way, says Anne White, personal styling manager at BHLDN + Home at Anthropologie.

  • IN: Quilts

Not into the chunky knit? Dying to ditch your duvet? This fall, we predict a return to an old classic. "I love quilts of all kinds and I feel they have, in recent years, been replaced by duvets," Selke says. "Quilts offer a handmade, homey element to any bedroom -- modern or traditional."

  • IN: Dark Paint

Forget farmhouse white and gray! This season, it's all about drama. PPG Paints, Glidden Paints, and Olympic Paints & Stains all announced cozy shades of black as their 2018 Color of the Year -- Black Flame (PPG1043-7), Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000), and Black Magic (OL116), respectively.

Not ready to go completely over the dark side? Another deep color is also making a comeback: "Adding chocolate brown to your decor and is the best way to add some luxe -- specially in the fall," Audrey Margarite, the creative director of Bunny Williams Home, tells "Swap out your lighter colored pillows and throws for this rich hue."

  • IN: Interesting Bedding

Strip off those plain white sheets and try something more exciting this season. "Nowadays we are seeing a lot more pattern being put together and even paired with interesting monograms," Howard says. "I think as time passes this will become more and more prevalent." Some of his favorite sources include Les Indiennes, Leontine Linens, Kerry Cassill, and John Robshaw. Beyond bedding, custom, upholstered headboards as statement pieces are having a major moment.

  • IN: Terra Cotta Tile

Terra cotta tiles are back -- and if you ask us, they never left. Incorporate the classic earthenware to add warmth and character to your home.

  • IN: Statement Ceilings

Heads up! You've heard of accent walls, but how about an accent ceiling? Whether textured wallpaper, tin or embossed foam ceiling tile, shiplap, wooden beams, or a bold paint color, homeowners are adding texture to the oft-overlooked "fifth wall".

  • IN: Bone Inlay

Furniture featuring fine, hand-cut, inlaid bone is the statement piece your home needs this fall. This beautiful Anthropologie dresser doubles as a work of art.

  • IN: Matte Black Home Accessories

In both the bathroom and the kitchen, look for matte black light fixtures and faucets.

  • IN: Extending the Outdoor Season

"People want to stay outdoors longer and they're looking for new ways to do just that as we approach the cooler months," Fishburne says. " Start by investing in a deep seating patio set and complement it with a fire pit or outdoor heater for warmth. This is also a good time to update your planters, rugs, and throw pillows by transitioning to warmer fall colors and textures. Another small detail that goes a long way is adding a fall wreath. All of this plays into the theme of creating that cozy, calm, inviting space and home to help combat our crazy-busy lives."

We are absolutely loving the warm and cozy trends coming this season! From the colorful interiors, going through the natural wood, leather and velvet, to the faux finishes, the quilts (helping convert the bedroom into a relaxing retreat) and the woven textures. You have so much to choose from to make your home the trendy place you're dreaming about this season. Of course -and like we mention all the time- it is extremely important that yo go for the details and the decoration that make YOU feel comfortable, and make you feel like you want to go back home every night.

Being relaxed is the trend right now, enjoy it. Enter your home and look a it as the temple where you can unplug from your daily routine (that obviously includes your phone), and be happy! That's what it is all about. Fall is coming, let's get ready for it!

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