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Small Closet Organization (and more)

New year, new projects... Having a small closet could be a real headache, and personally, I think --in most of the cases- it affects even more women than men. With all of the shoes we want to own, clothes and accessories, it is hard to keep everything organized if your space is incredibly limited. But worry not, once again, we're here to give you tips regarding to that small issue.

Like Apartment Therapy says, "living in a little apartment can have its own special joys, but small closets aren't one of them", and we know how that's true. Small apartments have their cozy charm, but when it comes to the closet, we'll take all the space we can get. That's why they have a list of "10 ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small closet":

  1. Double your available hanging space by adding an extender rod.

  2. Store clothes on shelves more efficiently with shelf dividers --> "no more falling-over stacks of shirts and sweaters. These are useful for making purses stand upright, too"... folding's gonna be your best friend! Make the most out of it.

  3. Double your shelf space with under shelf baskets --> use them to store clothes and accessories.

  4. Hooks are your very best friend --> "Step into your closet (or as far into your closet as you can get). Do you see any wall space that is not covered by clothes? Put a hook there. Or better yet, if you've got the space, put a whole rack of hooks. This is a great way to reclaim wasted space, and you can use those hooks for practically anything: jewelry, belts, purses, clothes that have been worn for half a day and aren't quite dirty but also aren't quite clean.

  5. Store suitcase in the space above the door --> another brilliant use of hooks is for hanging suitcases in the otherwise wasted space inside the closet and above the door. Lightweight out-of-season items can be stashed in the suitcases."

  6. Hang things on the inside of the closet door --> "like scarves, and even shoes!"

  7. Stack your shoes --> turn the bottom of your closet into a little shoe condo with multi-story shoe storage. "

  8. For a long, narrow closet with hard-to-reach corners, add extra hanging rods perpendicular to the main one.

  9. If you or someone who loves you is extra handy, you could make this DIY organizer for a small closet.

  10. For the not handy types... make a closet organizer with an expedit and some tension rods.

Very useful small closet organization hacks! It doesn't matter if you live in a small apartment, you can always look for tips to keep it organized. Now, the idea is not only to keep it organized, you also have to think in terms of aesthetics. And for that, Real Simple offers "31 ways to make over your closet":

  • Use proper hangers --> Propper clothing care calls for appropiate hangers: satin padding for more delicate items and sturdy wood hangers for tailored jacket.

  • Mount a pegboard --> Pegboard mounted inside a closet door creates an inexpensive mini-dressing station.

  • Stack shoe boxes --> Slim plastic shoe boxes stack compactly, while hanging canvas shelves offer an inexpensive alternative to built-ins.

  • Store accessories in clear plastic drawers --> Clear plastic drawers make perfect storage quarters for neatly rolled scarves, underwear, and belts.

  • Customize drawers --> One smart solution to a storage crunch: a customizable unit of wire drawers.

  • Hang bags on hooks --> Durable hooks keep large bags from slumping and losing shape on shelves.

  • Capitalize on every inch --> Even tight closets can be kept in check with helpers like bins and hanging shelves.

  • See your shoes --> A slanted plywood platform lets you take in your shoe collection at a glance.

  • Hang a shoe shelf --> A shorter version of the traditional hanging shoe shelf is perfect for double-hung closer rods.

  • Stow out-of-season pieces --> Use large canvas boxes to store away neatly folded winter sweaters.

  • Keep clothes from stretching --> Canvas shelves hold sweaters, T-shirts, and other clothing items that might stretch on a hanger.

  • Gain extra space --> Gain extra space in small closets by using slim hangers and stackable bins with pull-out drawers.

  • Hang a mirror --> A walk-in closet becomes a dressing area with the simple adittion of a mirror.

  • Start labeling --> Employ gold plates and a label maker for the ultimate closet organization.

  • Turn to shelf dividers --> Shelf dividers prevent leaning towers of cashemere and keep unruly items in their place.

  • Categorize clothing --> Group clothing category-- dress pants, jeans, casual shirts, work tops- to make putting together outfits easier.

  • Color-Code your wardrobe --> Another take on organizing: arrange clothes by color, from light to dark.

  • Think creatively with storage --> An armoire provides extra storage space in the bedroom; use baskets to collect odds and ends.

  • Keep a ladder inside the closet --> For little legs, stow a collapsible step ladder just inside a closet door, and place high-wear items-- like baseball caps- in easy-to-access spots.

  • Keep toys within reach --> Keep toys in low drawers so they're easy to take out (and put away).

  • Work the walls --> Up-tp-the-ceiling cabinets, offering maximized storage space, are reached with a library-type ladder.

  • Take advantage of doors --> An over-the-door rack makes the most of the unused space behind a closet door.

  • Store sports equipment --> Another use for it: store bats, balls, helmets, and other sports gear.

  • Hang boots above the ground --> A neat way to store clunky rain boots off a closet door: a metal shoe rack that affixes to the wall.

  • Streamline a coat closet: A simple strategy (store less-used items up top and popular outerwear in a grab-and-go locale) and well-chosen hardware (like back-of-the-door hooks) streamline a coat closet.

  • Organize cleaning suplies: An organized broom closet allows you to quickly find the cleaning supplies you need-- saving you precious time on a Saturday.

  • Corral mops and brooms: Keep mops and brooms corralled in a holder attached to the back of a door.

  • Bring order to an overpacked space --> Shaped like oversized magazine boxes, canvas bins bring order to an overpacked closet.

  • Conceal secret storage --> Use an upright plastic bin --tucked into a closet corner- to harbor your umbrellas.

  • Make the vacuum accessible --> Position your vacuum cleaner so it's easy to get to, hanging the hose on a hook to free up floor space.

  • Eliminate clutter --> Closet Nirvana? To streamline your space, constantly eliminate clutter: every three to four months donate unused items to charity.

As you can see, all of these tips offer a wide range of suggestions, not only for small closets organization, but for any kind of closet in general. How to storage every single thing you own? Well clearly if you have enough space, that's not going to be a problem (as shown in the list to make over your closet). Now, if your space is completely limited, the organization may be a little tricky, but as you know, there is always a solution for everything. Just get as creative as you need to be and your closet will look not only organized, but great and even trendy, too.

So, let the creativity begin!

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