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SMALL KITCHEN: Good use of the space.

Very often people find themselves trapped in very small kitchens. They don't seem to have the space they need to save all of the items they own, which is a complete nightmare, not to mention it is almost imposible for you to be inside that space with someone else, so you're missing the fun of spending quality time in the kitchen with your loved ones.

That is why we're here this week, to talk about giving the space you have a good use, how can you organize everything so your kitchen looks always clean and full of space? Even though it might be really small, there's a solution for everything.

Houzz offers 17 space-saving solutions for your small kitchen. You might find a lot of them very useful:

  • Roll with it: A rolling cart is the best thing for a small kitchen. Wheel it out when you need some more counter space, slide it to the side when you don't.

  • Work the walls: Once the cabinets are filled, where to next? Your counter space is a precious commodity, but your walls, not so much. Instead of storing items on your work area, use hooks and shelves to hang them. Knife blocks are space suckers. A mounted knife rack, on the other hand, keeps your tools within reach -- while at the same time tucked out of the way.

  • Procure a pot rack: Wheter on the wall or hung from the ceiling, they're space-saving titans for all manner of cookware.

  • Store seating: If there's enough room for an island, go for it. Not only do they provide plenty of much-needed workspace, they also work as a place to eat, should you need one. If you do, go for an island with room underneath for stools to be stashed when not in use.

  • Rethink design details: If your kitchen is not quite wide enough for an island, rethink your counter. Just a little jut away from the walls, ups the available workspace by a lot. For sinks that are on the small side, consider an articulated faucet. It can bend out of the way to accommodate large pots and dishes. Mount on the wall to take up even less space on your counter.

  • Conquer corners: This usable space often goes to waste. Explore all of the ways there are to utilize this area: for example, you can perfectly accommodate the drawers to this kind of space. Or you can always [again] rethink the sink for this area, and another great idea is the stove's placement right in the corner. Plus, a shelf built into the usually-bare backsplash can hold cooking items that might otherwise take up room on shelves or counters.

  • Opt for pint-size appliances: If you're not regularly cooking for a crowd, a small dishwasher or stove might suit you just fine.

  • Find forgotten space: Any other forgotten areas of your kitchen, besides the corners? Make 'em earn their keep by squeaking out some storage space. Here, a warming drawer finds a spot on the side of this island. A piece of an island can also transform into wine storage, and you can slip a spice rack into almost any available sliver.

Now, these are excellent tips but if you find them too hard to accomplish, The Kitchn offers 8 smart ways to make more space in a small kitchen:

  1. Use your oven for storage: If you have limited shelf and cabinet space, you can always store all of your baking sheets, cooling racks, and muffins tins in the oven. The trick is to remember to take them out before you turn the oven on.

  2. Install hooks wherever you can: You can install a bunch of hooks on the side of your metro rack so you can hang strainers and oven mitts. It not only makes these items handy to grab, but it helps you get around your lack of drawers.

  3. Create your own pantry: If you don't have a pantry, you can buy an old wooden wardrobe and store all of your dried goods (pastas, beans, grains, canned goods, baking items, tea, coffee) in it, as well as extra baking dishes, coffee pots, and many tools.

  4. If you need more storage, buy it: Getting creative about storage doesn't just apply to the pantry. Think about extra storage for all you gear.

  5. Organize things by how (and when) you use them: You can store all of your spices, vinegars and oils together on one shelf above your sink (so they are away from the heat of the stove) and then store your plates, mugs, and glasses all within easy reach of your dishwasher, so you can unload and load it quickly.

  6. Store pots and pans up high: If you have several feet of free space between the tops of your cabinets and the ceiling, you can store all of your big pots and pans up there.

  7. Clean as you go: This is probably the best space-saving trick I've learned. In a small space, it is imperative to clean as you go - otherwise you end up with teetering piles of dishes, pots, and pans that can quickly become disastrous (especially when you're trying to cook).

  8. If all else fails, use your bathtub: This could happen if you're cooking for big dinner parties. Sometimes you just need a place to hide your dirty dishes when they start piling up. You can always stack 'em in the bathtub and pull the curtain - no one ever thinks to look back there, and I just wash them once everyone's left!

As you can see, there are all kinds of tips to make room in your small kitchen, all of them are very practical and easy for you to apply. If you're not a fan of really big spaces and prefer a more small (but functional) place, now you now there are tricks that can make your life much easier!

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