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Porcelain floor: Reasons why you should pick it.

Hello! Today we're gonna see the reasons why it is great to choose porcelain floors. This is a subject you might be interested in, just in case you're thinking about doing a renovation at home, including your floors. In every post I'm always talking about the importance of searching the information necessary about the materials you want to use or the kind of remodelation you want to make, and this post makes no exception to that rule.

According to, porcelain floors are an excellent covering made of high-quality ceramics, put through a high temperature treatment and compaction preassure, major than the ones used in conventional ceramics production. This process makes porcelain floors very resistant, and because of that it is ideal for high traffic floors and areas where the most rigorous specifications about hardness techniques are required, high resistance, low porosity and minimal water absorption

tied to excellent aesthetic qualities.

Porcelain floors are used in big warehouses, hospitals and high traffic areas because of its resistance and beauty.

Because it is manufactured in high temperatures and treated with technology, it has a great capacity to resist abrasions. This kind of floor endures everything, and it's ideal if you're looking for a floor that lasts and that you can maintain easily. Porcelain tiles are the best you can find in the market, and why? It adapts to the different purposes; not only domestic, but also commercial and industrial.

There are two kinds of porcelain floors: the ones composed just by one dough and the varnished ones. The first kind has major resistance to wear, because its base and surface are composed by the same material. And the second kind, on the other hand, has a porcelanic base and its surface is covered by different varnishes of high resistance.

So, what are the exact reasons why you should select this kind of material?

Before you make a decision about buying porcelain floors for your home or business, it is convenient that you know all about the things it has to offer:

  • Durability: porcelain stoneware is ideal for high traffic areas; the kitchen, bathrooms and entrance doors. Its resistance is bigger than marble's.

  • Versatility: there's a great variety of models. There's opaque porcelain or semi rustic. Ideal for exteriors, terraces, patios or areas where's more appropriate a matt coating, than a brilliant one.

  • Low-Maintenance: dirt and grime accumulations are almost nonexistent, because porcelain tiling are very good at resisting humidity. It's resistant to stains and requires low maintenance, it just requires care and minimal cleaning.

  • Affordability: because it is low-maintenance, the cost of porcelain stoneware is without a doubt a long term benefit for the homeowners.

  • Aesthetics: the finishes and textures of porcelain tiles make beautiful any "interior design" project you might have. Big tiles allow less division lines in the room, and if you hace a large ambiance, it is gonna look homogeneous.

Did you see how great porcelain floors are? They're clearly a beautiful option. And I have some photos to prove it (floors made by us):

Great or what?

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