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Trends in kitchen decorating.

This year should be all about renovating your kitchen, change your house, change your furniture or just change your kitchen's image, which is in good shape, but you just want something different. To do all of those things, you'll need to know the different trends in kitchen design or decorating. It is possible that you follow your own trends though, for the kitchen is a very personal space.

Pastel shades are very present in kitchen decorations, including pink quartz. We'll see those kind of colors on the kitchen furniture, on the wall's painting or even in the aids; like a stool, a lamp, the kitchen's utensils. They bring a soft touch without being too "romantic".

Also, gold and copper metallic tones are trends in kitchen decorating, but without using them too much. You can apply them in strategic areas, like the kitchen cabinet's handles, a lamp, the faucet. These details bring a glamurous and vintage touch to your kitchen, taking you back to the 50's.

Full black is another of the tendencies in kitchen design, with this style you can make your kitchen look modern and sober. This might be a good choice for a male kitchen.

Kitchen furniture

When it comes to kitchen furniture, the tendency is to combine two colors, creating soft and subtle contrasts. The fronts of the kitchen we'll see with original handles, in addition to the doors without handles we have seen before, since a few years ago.

But above it all, the current tendency in this type of decoration is to create very personal spaces not just to be around it, but to enjoy it. This way you can feel you've made your own particular design.

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