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Contemporary vs. Modern style: Differences.

Most people think these styles are the same, which is NOT true. So, what can we do to identify them? Let's see a quick guide that will help us do it.


It is a mix between elegance and originality. This style is known for being comfortable, retailer, innovative and elegant.

Modern style was born when industrial development was at its peak. This tendency was aimed to innovation in form, to add a touch of originality without neglecting the real utility of each object.

Nature is an element that we cannot ignore when we talk about modernism, for many artists have shown that both interior and exterior can be incorporated and create a very unique ambience.


Vanguard is its seal. This style is known for having straight lines, it is simple, eclectic, practical and it has light colors.

You can distinguish it by the combination of both styles (modern and minimalist). Contemporary style is comfortable and it has vanguard, but, without being as extravagant as the modern style is, and as simple as the minimalist style is.

It is -without a doubt- the most used tendency nowadays, where all interiors are comfortable and cozy, but not messy. And of course, to add the simplicity, it has a little minimalist touch.

Similarities and differences between both styles:


  • They look for comfortability.

  • Funcionality.

  • Practicity.

  • Vanguard.


  • Modern style is extravagant and elegant.

  • Contemporary style is the mixture of modernity and minimalism.

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