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Kitchen decorating styles

Deciding the style of a kitchen decor is paramount, so your project can feel its foundations. Is not the same to want a modern kitchen than to want a country kitchen or a kitchen with vintage touches. Therefore, when designing your kitchen you should take into account the decor style you desire.

Modern kitchens

If you prefer the latest in kitchen decorations, you must design your entire project based on minimalism and simplicity of modern kitchens. Simple lines, smooth cabinets, austerity and elegance make the decorative line in modern kitchens.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional decor is timeless, and in fact, the rustic kitchens are still very well received today. What differentiates it from a modern kitchen is a traditional personality of the furniture and decor, without being too burdensome, offers a homey style that can make you feel "at home."

Kitchen open to the dining room

While this is not exactly a style, this type of decoration has become one of the preferred demands for foodies. When you open the kitchen to the dining room, plenty of space is gained and you can have the option to place other elements, such as a breakfast bar or an island. But on the other hand, without opening it, that would be impossible. In addition, the kitchen-dining room offers a world of advantages, for example: you won't feel isolated when guests come home and have to cook.

Vintage kitchens

The vintage style is with us, it makes many people choose to remodel the entire house with a style from retro-modern which gives it a very modern look.


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